Probably the best ELO lyrics in all their oeuvre…

A very sad and long song, yet one of their best, featured on their second album https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELO_2 :  dig the great violin solo by Wilf Gibson

“This one, without doubt, is the favourite of all the band. It’s a sad story about a war orphan with a soldier explaining to her all about the war — and that it was he that killed her parents. The most sensitive thing we do.” – Bev Bevan, 1973 Birmingham Post & Mail article entitled: Chart Boost Coming For Brum And E.L.O.

My My Kuiama, she came in the morning
she smiled but the tears on her little face
showed the pain that had been in that far off place
so sad, treated so bad

My My Kuiama, don’t break your heart tryin
to say how your ma and your pa passed away
and they left you to wander the ruin and decay
real mean, that bullet machine
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